Teen Spirit Concert In the Olympia Theatre Dublin

Excitement has begun cross Dublin and around the country as next week there is another concert by Teen Spirit in the Olympia Theatre. This time it is the turn of Teen Spirit Leinster to show off their talent.

This is a highly recommended concert, as  Teen Spirit blends a mix of popular chart music, together with well-known classics and also the most contemporary Christian music.giving you a chance to explore your relationship with God in a new and refreshing way.

Well worth going to for more info go to http://www.teenspirit.ie/

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CM News – An Interview With Ireland Stand Up (PODCAST)

CM News – An Interview with Ireland Stand Up

Ireland Stand Up,is a lay initiative respectfully requesting An Taoiseach Enda Kenny to invite Pope Benedict XVI to Ireland in 2012 for the Eucharistic Congress and to reinstate the Irish Embassy to the Holy See.

The Postcard mentioned in the Podcast please click On the link below

vatican postcard2

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Two New Deacons Ordained in Maynooth, (by Steven Fleming)

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On Sunday the 29th January 2012 Damien Lynch of Cloyne diocese, and Shane Sullivan of Tuam Archdiocese were ordained into the Diaconate in St Patrick’s College Chapel in Maynooth. by His Grace Most Reverend Dermot Clifford, Archbishop of Cashel.

This Is great news and Catholic Maynooth wish to Congratulate them and wish them every blessing as they continue their studies towards the Priesthood.

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Durex ad stuns parishioners before Mass, by Steven Fleming

A Catholic Church hits international news after Members of St Patrick’s Catholic Church in  Dumbarton, England, were stunned when they logged on to the Parish Website to watch a live streaming of Mass from the parish webcam, as they were greeted by an Ad for a Durex product which was of a sexual nature which wasn’t fit for a Catholic audience,  the Ad which wasn’t endorsed by St Patrick’s Church showed women in a sexual manner.

This shows the dangers of using forms of free streaming software in Catholic evangelism as you have no control over the advertisements that appear on your site, there should always be a disclaimer,  stating that you or your organisation don’t necessarily agree or endorse the advertisements which appear during  your broadcasts.

But St Patrick Church have to be credited for using social media within their website which is a really good attempt of moving into the digital continent, although they may be left a little embarrassed on this occasion.

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Irish Youth Called to Stand Up. By Steven Fleming

Young People have been called to voice their concern by Ireland Stand Up who are campaigning to reverse the Government’s decision to close Ireland’s Embassy to the Holy See. They are urging young people to take a stand and contact their Local TD’s and express your concern.

But why as young Catholics should we care if the Embassy to the Holy See is closed ? here is few reasons.

1. The Government claims that the reason for closing the Embassy was because “it yielded no economic return.” however many backbench T.D’s disagree and show enthusiasm for  Ireland Stand Up and their campaign. The Vatican is a diplomatic gold mine maintaining relations with 179 countries and 80 resident embassies. These embassies work closely with the Holy See on many issues such as Political relations, Economic, developmental and human rights issues.

2.  Number two, it is becoming increasingly noted that the Government took this action only weeks after diplomatic argument with Holy See over the Cloyne report, many see this as punishment to the Catholic Church but how much damage would this cause not own to relations with the Holy See, but with the rest of the world considering the Holy See’s influence.

It is important for us not to let this drag, we need to express our concern as young Catholics that we are strongly opposed to this action taken by the government and contact our local TD’s.

How to Contact your TD’s

1. By Letter, Email or Postcards

Letter is the most powerful way to contact you TD as they have a record that you have contacted them and are more like to reply. 

-Make sure you state your name, age, where you live and your contact details and the key concerns of Ireland Stand Up which are:

1. The embassy closure – When will the embassy reopen?
When will we have a resident ambassador in Rome?

2. A personal invitation to Pope Benedict XVI by Enda Kenny for the 50th IEC

-Describe why this issue is so important to you personally,

If you prefer there is a Postcard you can send, just click on the link and print, fill in the blanks and send to your local TD’S

vatican postcard2

By Phone

You are mostly like to get a secretary, ask to speak to the deputy if the deputy is not available ask them to call you as soon as possible.

Tip’s For Telephone Call :

Stay Calm and Polite but be forceful.

have in you mind what you are going to say and write it down if it helps.

Be sure to mention where your from let them know you are a vote.

To find out what constituency you are in and your TD’s Contact details follow the link http://www.oireachtas.ie/members-hist/default.asp?housetype=0&HouseNum=31&disp=mem#tabs-3

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A call for USI to issue referendum on Abortion By Steven Fleming

It has come to my attention over the past year that The Union Of Students In Ireland (USI) has a Campaign under Gender Equality that is fighting for the legalization of abortion here in Ireland, under the title “To fight for full reproductive justice for women in Ireland”. “In Ireland, inequality is still rife against women. In no other area is this more evident that in the area of sexual and reproductive rights. Over 5000 women per year are exported to England and Europe in order to access safe and legal abortion, women experiencing crisis pregnancies are often subjected to rogue agencies who use methods of torture and abuse to direct women â decision making and girls in crisis situations cannot avail of the morning after pill over the counter. The USI Gender Equality Campaign believes that a woman is entitled to have full decision making power over her reproductive system and to this end we campaign against the current system which discriminates against and endangers the lives of women.” With Abortion becoming an increasing issue in political circles here in Ireland, I am asking the question do USI really know how student’s feel about this issue? I would argue not, I myself am pro-life and most people I meet on campus are too although we have a limited understanding of the difficulty women have to go through in making such a choice. I am calling for USI, not to bring this just to congress, but to issue a referendum On Abortion across all the college community involving all students to find out how the majority of students feel, but this can only be done by leaving time for structured debates on each college campus. I call for USI to stop this campaign until they have the view of the students today and have a full referendum.



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Podcast #4 Fearless show

#4 Fearless Show

This is the fourth fearless show and today we have Maura Garrihy who gives her testimony and talks about being chaste while in college.

Music by Elation

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past few months as editor i have had no computer which you can imagine caused me some problems posting stuff.

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Exam Prayer and Reflection (to blessed to be stressed)

When approaching exams and taking them we can go in to a nervous reck arrhhhhh, but i was speaking to a priest at the exams after Christmas last year he said “trust”, i thought a lot about this and he was saying that God is looking after us and all we have to do is lay it down. laying are exam’s and stress down to him, this does not mean we are going to past them, it mean’s that God has a plan for us and loves us.
I also found this Prayer and Scripture helpful i hope you do to,
Lord, calm my fear at exam time. Help my strained memory in times of doubt and my tired hand write it all down. Let the work I have done stand to me today. Do not allow what remains undone to undermine my courage and help me to make the best of my knowledge. You have a loving plan for my whole life and whatever the outcome, exams are a part of this plan. Let your will be done and may all I do lead to you. Amen (unknown author)
Check out the Bible
Mathew 11 : 28
Good luck
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Maynooth Seminary Tightens Up,

News in today’s  Irish Catholic indicates that the National Seminary is making moves to separate the seminarians from the main college population and have the Seminarians seen as different from other students studying at the college, this is so seminarians will have a time and the space to discern their vocation. reportedly this was recommended by the Apostolic Visitation as attempt to ‘reform’ training structures for priests in Ireland.

But will a few doors make a difference or possibly a separate dining area, the truth is it doesn’t seem to have hit the reforms that are needed. Yes this is a start but to do this you would have to have separate  lectures for Seminarians and this is impossible especially that St Patrick’s don’t have a philosophy Department of its own and Seminarians shares their campus with over 7 thousand other students it just seems like their attempt to address the problems but in fact they can’t do a lot about the situation.

The other question ringing in a lot of people’s ears is should they be separate? Not necessarily if we look at Pastores Dabo Vobis which is wrote by Blesseded Pope John Paul II,  states “human formation as the basis of all priestly formation. The priest is called to be a living image of Jesus Christ and so should try to “reflect in himself, as far as is possible, the human perfection which shines forth in the incarnate Son of God” (PDV 43). “In order that his sacred mission be as humanly credible and acceptable as possible, the student is invited to mould his human personality in such a way that it becomes a bridge, not an obstacle, for others in their meeting with Jesus Christ.”

But  the real question is, Maynooth Campus an obstacle for the seminarians in their formation and will the recommendations go far enough to insure that we have good and holy priests, yet that they have the freedom to complete their formation, only time will tell as we wait on the report to be published by the Apostolic Visitation .


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