Is St Patricks About to Close or What is going to happen?

This week came interesting news from the Irish Catholic that St Patrick’s College Maynooth, National Seminary was due to close. But Monsignor Hugh Connolly, President of Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth, said Three days ago “that speculative media reports suggesting that the national seminary may close “are without foundation”

But speaking to a different source, they told the Catholic Maynooth  that they would not rule this out, if this is true which I’m not saying it is, where will this leave the students of the college, and their Degrees?, will the college keep its Pontifical status? What Is the College doing to bring back confidence? This must be very worrying for the students at the college with what seem to be an uncertain future.

Students from the college have not been informed, or given information since the story broke speaking to students they seem very concerned about their degrees and what future employers will think of a degree from Maynooth since all media reports have criticised the academia at the college.

Update :

Catholic Manooth asked the questions posed above, via email in the name of Catholic Maynooth,  to Monsignor Hugh Connolly, he replied saying that Any enquiries from students should be raised through the appropriate student representative channels.

The representative for St Patrick’s College is Smick and you can contact him by email or by calling in to him in the SU. (The Exec office by the Male toilets next door to the mature students room)

Catholic Maynooth will be contacting Smick, for a statement and to find out what information he is aware of.


About catholicmaynooth

This site is for people who are Students or young people interested in finding more information about the Catholic faith. This blog and podcasts hopes to keep you up to date with events, talks, and Catholic news from around the College Campuses around Ireland aswell as keeping up to date with the world news and current affairs from a Catholic perspective.
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