Pope John Paul II, JPII we love you

I have just finished watching the prayer vigil before  JPII Beatification tomorrow and this is an amazing site, there is thousands and thousands of people gathered in Rome, many of these people are young people. As you may be aware I love John Paul II or JPII as we call him, JP II was an amazing man a man that we can look up too,  a man that we can learn from and most of all  he loved you with a great love.

His love for young people was amazing, this love brought him to challenge us to stand up and be Catholic and to live true Christian lives, he told us DO NOT BE AFRAID.  He left us with great teachings. His love for young people brought about the start of World Youth Day, bringing us to together as  Catholic young people. Bringing us into the Church and giving us a love for Chirst, Wanting for us to embrace Church teaching.

JPII through his love for our lady showed us the power of the Rosary and a real love for Our lady, he showed us how to embrace her through his life and love. Through his devotion to the Blesseded Sacrament and the Holy Mass where he showed us what a priest looks like and encouraged all to Embrace the Eucharist, to do regular Holy Hours and let Jesus speak to our hearts.

so lets” not be afraid and open the doors to Christ” and embrace God through our Church the one holy Catholic Church Pope John Paul II trusted us as young people to build the church. To stand up  with true conviction to live lives of faith, Let us ask Pope John II to pray for us and to guild us   in this amazing mission.

You can watch Beatification Live on EWTN at http://www.ewtn.com. Today Don’t miss it


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This site is for people who are Students or young people interested in finding more information about the Catholic faith. This blog and podcasts hopes to keep you up to date with events, talks, and Catholic news from around the College Campuses around Ireland aswell as keeping up to date with the world news and current affairs from a Catholic perspective.
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