My Experience of the Clonmacnois Youth Festival,

My experience of Clonmacnois Youth Festival this year was amazing.
This has been my third time at this particular youth festival and it never fails to live up to my expectations. The first time I came to Clonmacnois I was very far from my faith and had no relationship with Jesus but that didn’t stop me from having a great time and coming back a second time which is when I had my big conversion. I was a bit worried that I might start to find Clonmacnois or any other retreat for that matter a bit repetitive and boring but nothing could be further from the truth.
If there is one thing that I really love about Clonmacnois its the main speaker who has always been someone inspiring, funny and thought provoking. This years main speaker was Father Bernard Murphy CFR who gave some fantastic talks on the Eucharist and Confession. Father Bernard has a great passion and love for God and it really showed through this weekend and that helps a lot of people including myself to focus and take in the message being conveyed.
Confession is one of the great joys in my life so I loved the Saturday evening where was a reconciliation and a healing service which is always an intimate and sacred affair. Its always great to see so many people especially young teenagers going to confession especially in this day and age.
So even though the food was not first class cuisine, there were queue for the showers and  a fair bit of mud I had a great experience just hanging out with my friends in a faith filled environment and I cant wait for next year.

By Michelle Barrett


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This site is for people who are Students or young people interested in finding more information about the Catholic faith. This blog and podcasts hopes to keep you up to date with events, talks, and Catholic news from around the College Campuses around Ireland aswell as keeping up to date with the world news and current affairs from a Catholic perspective.
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2 Responses to My Experience of the Clonmacnois Youth Festival,

  1. Thanks for sharing an insight into the Clonmacnois Youth Festival

  2. Alan Slevin says:

    I have at times struggled with the whole ”faith thing” as I am very conscious about broadcasting it, I am afraid of being accused of being a ”bible basher” or a ‘holy Joe”. There is an ignorance amongst people. I’ve felt that at times I’ve had to be brought kicking and screaming into gods presence as I’ve been afraid to open up. I’ve softened in that regard, and have opened up. As a result I’ve felt I’ve become a better person.
    However I know deeply religious people that you could never tell were deeply religious. They never broadcast it, even though if you look hard enough they are deeply religious. They do so in the right way. They also know when to ”switch off”.
    These people are the ones that I admire and follow their lead. These people instead of preaching are ”actions speak louder than words people”. They go out of their way to help people rather than talk about it. This for me is doing gods work.
    A little bit goes a long way, but you must be true to yourself. Everyone including god can see through an act, ”God doesn’t tolerate two-facedness”. He did say ;’;Do onto others as you would expect them to do onto you”.
    Selfrighteousness in my opinion is a sin.

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