The obstacle of procrastination By Charles Lafferty

In the pursuit of perfection (or anything that may resemble it), one of my biggest obstacles is my procrastination – I mean the amount of ways and excuses that I can find to delay doing an essay, presentation or even some reading is limitless. For me it seems to be a mind over matter battle. When the pressure of deadlines is on, I can really thrive and discipline myself. Throughout the past three years I have progressed to a pretty good order as regards to my faith life and while I was reflecting upon this article for obstacles in our faith life, I found inspiration in the story of the blind man in Jericho (Lk 18: 35-43). It struck me that even though the crowd tried to quieten the blind man in what may seem as an obstacle, they actually in the first place helped the blind man realise that Jesus was present. This contradiction of the crowd being an aid and then an obstacle to the blind man made me recollect two points. The first of these is that we have to recognise the help of others in our lives and with Christian love maybe not see obstacles in our paths but challenges that can help us strive to call upon the Lord for his help. The second point follows on from this in that within ourselves we must have a sincere and humble self-confidence. By sincere I mean a faith filled confidence that can only come about by a living relationship with Jesus. By humble confidence I mean that we can recognise our weaknesses and petition the Lord to help us out. This is no easy task – as a religious student finding the balance of a flourishing spiritual life, a happy community life and hopefully a successful study life can be very hard to obtain but I love the challenge and the deadline is now! Jesus, Son of David have mercy on me – a sinner.



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