Durex ad stuns parishioners before Mass, by Steven Fleming

A Catholic Church hits international news after Members of St Patrick’s Catholic Church in  Dumbarton, England, were stunned when they logged on to the Parish Website to watch a live streaming of Mass from the parish webcam, as they were greeted by an Ad for a Durex product which was of a sexual nature which wasn’t fit for a Catholic audience,  the Ad which wasn’t endorsed by St Patrick’s Church showed women in a sexual manner.

This shows the dangers of using forms of free streaming software in Catholic evangelism as you have no control over the advertisements that appear on your site, there should always be a disclaimer,  stating that you or your organisation don’t necessarily agree or endorse the advertisements which appear during  your broadcasts.

But St Patrick Church have to be credited for using social media within their website which is a really good attempt of moving into the digital continent, although they may be left a little embarrassed on this occasion.


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