Irish Youth Called to Stand Up. By Steven Fleming

Young People have been called to voice their concern by Ireland Stand Up who are campaigning to reverse the Government’s decision to close Ireland’s Embassy to the Holy See. They are urging young people to take a stand and contact their Local TD’s and express your concern.

But why as young Catholics should we care if the Embassy to the Holy See is closed ? here is few reasons.

1. The Government claims that the reason for closing the Embassy was because “it yielded no economic return.” however many backbench T.D’s disagree and show enthusiasm for  Ireland Stand Up and their campaign. The Vatican is a diplomatic gold mine maintaining relations with 179 countries and 80 resident embassies. These embassies work closely with the Holy See on many issues such as Political relations, Economic, developmental and human rights issues.

2.  Number two, it is becoming increasingly noted that the Government took this action only weeks after diplomatic argument with Holy See over the Cloyne report, many see this as punishment to the Catholic Church but how much damage would this cause not own to relations with the Holy See, but with the rest of the world considering the Holy See’s influence.

It is important for us not to let this drag, we need to express our concern as young Catholics that we are strongly opposed to this action taken by the government and contact our local TD’s.

How to Contact your TD’s

1. By Letter, Email or Postcards

Letter is the most powerful way to contact you TD as they have a record that you have contacted them and are more like to reply. 

-Make sure you state your name, age, where you live and your contact details and the key concerns of Ireland Stand Up which are:

1. The embassy closure – When will the embassy reopen?
When will we have a resident ambassador in Rome?

2. A personal invitation to Pope Benedict XVI by Enda Kenny for the 50th IEC

-Describe why this issue is so important to you personally,

If you prefer there is a Postcard you can send, just click on the link and print, fill in the blanks and send to your local TD’S

vatican postcard2

By Phone

You are mostly like to get a secretary, ask to speak to the deputy if the deputy is not available ask them to call you as soon as possible.

Tip’s For Telephone Call :

Stay Calm and Polite but be forceful.

have in you mind what you are going to say and write it down if it helps.

Be sure to mention where your from let them know you are a vote.

To find out what constituency you are in and your TD’s Contact details follow the link


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